Disruptive business awards

The award ceremony for the Smarta 100 – to celebrate the 100 most disruptive, innovative and remarkable new businesses in the UK, was a brilliant night out.

As well as being named one of the Smarta 100, Bluebird was also nominated for an award on the night – Micro Business of the Year, which celebrates big things in business achieved by small teams like ours.

Ironically, coincidentally, or perhaps poetically it is on the evening, exactly to the day, that 3 years ago I walked out of an appalling work situation that added a whole bucket of coal to the fire burning inside me to start my own business.

I think you can always learn from your experiences, no matter how bad they may seem at the time and I came out of the situation with three very valuable things:

It gave me confidence could start a successful company that would make a positive impact in people lives; that I could do what they were doing and that I could do it better, with more passion, more skill and more caring.

I walked away with valuable industry knowledge and I learnt how to build a team of fantastic people to help me on my own journey.

Love + Tea



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