About me

So this is me. I’m a 24 year old world travelling, ski bumming, three minimum wage jobs at a time,  hard working, politics and philosophy studying, tough rowing, vinyl loving, Austen reading, life living, tea drinking kind-a-gal on a mission to prove it’s possible.

What is? Well anything. Everything.

Expecting more. Achieving greatness. Striving. Challenging. Living your life the way you want to live it and never having to apologise for it.

My ‘proving it’s possible’ is all about creating something in my life that fulfills me and challenges me every day. Something that I am passionate about and that others can share too. Something that is right and ethical and happy.

I am on a mission to prove that there is nothing wrong with expecting more in life.  Particularly expecting to have a career/job/occupation/passion, whatever you want to call it, that is fulfilling and fair and makes you happy.

I am going to prove that it is possible to have a job and a life, a job in a life that isn’t just a means to an end or a struggle or a chore. I am also going to prove it’s possible to create that job even if you have no money or ‘business management degree’ or social contacts or whatever else they say you need.

I am constantly looking for new stuff to learn and I strongly believe most of the ‘paid for’ channels are a total waste of time. This is why I would rather teach myself business by setting one up rather than spending ridiculous amounts of money on a Business Masters degree.

So a short history of my life to explain how I got to here…

Since about the age of 14 many people have had an opinion as to what I would ‘be when I grew up’. Mostly this involved getting a top class education, ‘using that fine mind’ and then being rich and powerful in the city. A lawyer perhaps? A doctor? Eventually a CEO?

So I did the ground work, I studied, I studied some more and then again some but I also made sure I saw the world, worked for a sports charity in Africa, volunteered at Glastonbury Festival, qualified as a ski instructor, helped set up a rowing club and went to Henley, always had at least two jobs on the go- mostly in bars and cafes and lived and worked all over the world.

I counted up the other day and in my short working life I have had over 28 jobs from bank cashier to tea bar manager, from wedding catering agency work to call center sales. Mostly while in education as summer or part time work. But since I graduated I have had a few ‘proper’ jobs that have allowed me to develop key skills that will allow me to start my tea company:

I worked as a project coordinator for an e-learning company where I discovered I had been given an old graphics machine with lots of design software on so I spent my free time teaching myself how to build websites and graphic design.

Anything that truly interests me I have never had any trouble learning about, I pick up information really easily and from everywhere. My mum calls me a sponge.

But that all ended badly when I disputed the accountant’s racist behaviour (not towards me) and they decided I wasn’t the ‘right fit’ for their company.

That’s the other thing about me. I don’t really do well with accepting what society tells me to because its polite or the done thing. I ALWAYS get into trouble for saying what I think and standing up for what I believe in. I am constantly being told to be quiet and get on with it and that is just the way it is in ‘the real world’.

The other ‘proper’ job was managing a tea bar chain in Liverpool who’s modern and creative approach really inspired me and where I learnt a lot about this special little drink. Unfortunately the company decided to close its retail bars and focus on distribution instead, leaving the country once again lacking any innovative, fresh or creative outlets for tea.

So I finally found myself being convinced by my partner Mike to emigrate to Canada where we would become ski instructors and grown up in a breathtakingly beautiful part of the world together. However 6 months later after another job in a tea company out there the passion was still alight and I knew it wasn’t going to go out.

So I am going to start a Tea Company. Not just any old Tea Company though. One where business decisions are based just as much on happiness as profits, one that has ethics and heart. One that looks after the planet and the people on it. One that will be an positive addition to people’s lives rather than a way to get money just to live your life. One that will allow me to be happy and fulfilled and to see the tea plantations of the globe and ski in the winter and work like a crazy bean because it’s exhilarating and frightening and brilliant all at the same time. And definitely one that does tea differently. The best cuppa in Britain and the best tea drinks on our tiny Island. We British do love tea after all!

So for all those people who keep telling me:  ‘That’s ridiculous’, ‘You can’t do that’, ‘This is the real world’, ‘You should be settling down’, ‘Don’t take the risk’, ‘What if you go bankrupt?’, ‘That’s just life’ or ‘Harry/Dick/Sally is on 50k in London working for kpmg/pwc/some massive corporate bank, why don’t you just do that?’…..

Watch me prove it’s possible.

Love and Tea




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