Running whilst running a business

As I progress on my business journey I find myself encountering more and more difficult challenges and higher and higher obstacles.

As a runner and a rower I find myself drawing strength and motivation from all the miles spent on the road or the river and visualizing the hard work, determination and team work that has always pulled me through. 

I’m training for a half marathon in a months time and I often find myself a little sad these days that I don’t have the hours to put into training like I did in past years.

Training has always been a way of breaking away from the day, putting my mind to rest and clearing the cobwebs away. I also used the time to spend planning and thinking about my future.

I find it difficult these days to turn off my brain and shut out all the business stuff going on, which is not motivating at all!

I stumbled across this blog post about those ‘fitspiration’ photos that are haunting us all on our social media feeds! 

Posted on September 10, 2013 by KevinMoore (

I really enjoyed reading Kevin’s post,  not only because he is a really funny writer, but because it made me remember why I love to train and made me feel a little better about all those ridiculous photos that I see daily!


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