‘Teapigs, Tetley, Tata and telling the absolute truth’ by The Foodie Gift Hunter

I met Helen, The Foodie Gift Hunter, over the summer at an event and she has become a fan of our Toasted Apple tea!

I cannot remember if I had this conversation with Helen but we get asked an awful lot if we have heard of ‘this little company I love to get my tea from called Teapigs?’ 

I first heard of Teapigs while at university, long before Bluebird, as it was stocked in our local independent cafe, Leonard’s – the breakfast destination of choice after the early morning sessions on the river!

It had some really cool packaging and colours and I presumed it must be a cute independent brand. I have also met many others who believe the same and some independent deli and cafe owners who have even said to me ‘oh I’ve met Louise who set up Teapigs and shes very nice’.

I’m sure she is. And I must admit I am a big fan of their peppermint licorice blend. And obviously I love tea and any tea companies who share my passion for a good old cuppa have my respect.

However, what I don’t respect is companies that are not transparent and unfortunately Teapigs fall under this category.

Helen makes some very good points in her blog post and it is well worth a read!



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