It’s all about BUST

This week I promised to explain why it is all about the BUST and why chatting to your Granny is key in any business start up.

Sound a bit bizarre? Should you really be surprised, coming from the girl who gave you banana tea!?

Warning: This weeks blog is more business advice than tea chats… but I have furnished with pics from our new Pinterest page to give you your weekly fill of tea!

The StartUp Britain bus was brilliant on Friday, although absolutely freezing cold! I think Winter is well and truly on its way. Actually, it has been in Bluebird HQ for a fair few months already… We were sampling Christmas Cake tea in July!

On the bus there were business advisers, pr consultants and mentors who do this for a living. It can make you question how we can help. But I think it is because we are just normal young people who decided to start a business that makes us ideal to advise young people who aspire to do the same. We are proof that it can be done.


In the early days getting ahead of yourself and being dragged into all these scary things like employing a pr consultant, complex website builds and advanced marketing drains a hell of a lot of energy and money.

When you just need to get started, all you need is confidence and then you just take it one step at a time.

Christmas Cake TeaObviously, as we have found, you quickly outgrow the level that common sense, hard work and confidence alone can take you and you do need to start listening to the right people and making some clever decisions… and spending some money!

But to start with, as I was explaining to some of the students, one of the most useful things to do is to clarify your concept by outlining your business idea, your promise and your mission statement (or goals).

This is where your granny comes in. It’s all about keeping it simple.

Similar to the elevator pitch concept, the granny concept is basically that if you granny can get it anyone can. Keep it short and simple. Which is a bit rude about grannies actually, especially seen as Mike’s granny is the most capable person I have ever met.

But if you think about it, it means more than that. When you speak to your granny not only do you need to explain things clearly but you would also never lie to your granny so you must be honest. And you want your granny to be proud of you too, so if your business idea makes her proud you know your onto a winner.Mr Tea

So it’s about having a simple idea that is honest and worthwhile.

Bluebird’s simple idea is to make tea fun and tasty for everyone. The honest and worthwhile part of the idea is encapsulated in our promise to our customers: ‘To give at least one cup of happiness to everyone we meet.’

This tells you that not only is our tea so good that is will make your day and bring you happiness but that we, as a business, actively seek to make people happy, the tea is just our worthy delivery vehicle.

Fruitea + SmoocheYour business, you, your brand, it all needs to stand for something worthwhile. If it doesn’t promise something relevant to your customers why would you expect them to spend their time and money on you? It needs to be honest: If you they don’t trust you to do what you say why would they deal with you? And if you can’t deliver what you promise then why would they ever return?

BUST stands for Big, Unique, Simple and True.

I approached each one as a question about us and by answering them I was able to put together what Bluebird stood for. If you can make your business hit BUST and you can demonstrate and deliver them effectively then it is likely to succeed.

Big. This is basically asking what is it that you care about? What is the big thing about your business?

Unique. What are you offering that your competition cannot?

Simple. What do your customers actually want?

True. What can you genuinely deliver?

I cannot emphasise enough the following statement: Everything from your product to your service to marketing, everything, must deliver against your BUST! Without it at your foundation your business will struggle at some stage, even though the cracks might not yet be apparent.Make Tea Not War

Our name delivers again BUST, our idea delivers against BUST, our promise delivers against BUST, and what does this tell you about Bluebird?

It tells you that the thing that is big about our business is making people happy. It tells you that we are a company that not only offers an exceptional product but that it goes above and beyond the competition because that product was designed to make you smile and improve your day. It gives you an experience and a service that is friendly and personable and that cares.

Testing and TastingAnyone who knows me will understand that I think it is just common sense that businesses that are worthwhile and honest, simple and true are more likely to succeed because honesty and integrity are the foundations to everything in life. Why anyone would want to build a business that wasn’t worthwhile or didn’t stand for something is beyond me.

I hope this is transparent in our mission statement, our goals to aim for:

Bluebird’s mission statement is:

  1. ‘To become proof that you can be a nationally recognised, thriving company by basing business decisions on spreading happiness and enriching lives’
  2. ‘ To have made tea exciting, fun, unique, simple and accessible to all and a regular occurrence both in and outside of the home’

When all put together, we call this the ‘Bluebird Way’ which is a way of living and running Bluebird according to its values, purpose, promise and goals. We continue to use this as a guide to help us choose which path to take us down. It has also been invaluable as a measure when trying to agree on difficult decisions. If it doesn’t fit with the Bluebird Way then it doesn’t happen.

Sorry a bit of a long one this week and not much cake or skiing… or much ranting actually. I must be off my game!

Promise to do better next time!

Love + Tea




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